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Published: 09th March 2010
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From the first gummy smirks, we are over the moon with the glowing smiles of our children. But as the months and years pass, we start to worry, limiting sugary snacks to protect their precious pearly whites. It's about that time that kids parties become a feature of our children's lives. They fill up on lollies at the party and then get given a kids party bag full of more lollies to take home.

Well not anymore. At your child's party there is a lolly-free option for kids party bags. Each child can take home a kids party bag full of great activities that keep children's brains active, not their mouths!

Activity-based kids party bags can include crayons, colouring activities, puzzles, stencils and stickers to entertain and delight children from the ages of three up. Kids party bags such as these can be used as giveaways at the end of the party - simply hand out a kids party bag to each little guest as they leave. Alternatively kids party bags filled with fun activities can be used at the party table to entertain and engage children. Why not match your kids party bags to the party theme - they look great as part of the place setting of each child.

Some uses for kids party bagss:

- Give kids party bags to each guest as they leave

- Decorate the table with kids party bags at each place setting

- Use kids party bags as prizes for party games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey etc.

- Make a feature by stacking the kids party bags as a table centrepiece

- Use kids party bags as entertainment at the party

- Give kids party bags as little thank-you gifts when you go to a play date etc.

- Use kids party bags at adult functions to entertain children

Remember, kids party bags don't need to be full of sugary, calorific sweets to be fun. In fact we have found that an activity-filled kids party bag will keep a child entertained for around an hour! What a great gift to take away at the end of a kids party. The other parents will thank you for providing a useful, healthy alternative to traditional kids party bags or loot bags.

In Australia, the trend in parties is to theme your child's party - pirate parties, fun-at-the-fair parties, mermaid parties, beach parties or fancy dress parties are just some ideas. Look for kids party bags that match or enhance your theme.

Other Australian parents like the idea of a theme-free party. In this case you can match the kids party bags to the recipients with different kids party bags for boys and girls.

Kids party bags also make great bonbonniere or wedding favours. In Australia, children are often invited to modern weddings. Keeping children quietly entertained and happy can be a concern for the wedding organisers and parents. Simply pop a kids party bag on each place setting on the wedding tables. Kids party bags that are full of fun activities, puzzles and craft are safe, cost-effective and attractive.

In fact kids party bags are perfect at any predominantly adult function where children are welcome but best kept busy. Kids love party bags because they feel special and parents love that it gives the kids something to do.

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